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ESSLUX Reed Diffuser Oil Sur le Jadin

ESSLUX Reed Diffuser Oil Sur le Jadin

  • Sur le Jadin

    This exquisite Sur Le Jadin Reed Diffuser is a must-have for floral scent fans. It delivers a delightful bloom of floral fragrances,with hints of grapefruit, lychee and grape background.The sweetness is just right,like a stroll in the garden.

  • Premium Quality Fragrance

    ESSLUX reed diffuser is made from finest natural essential oils, as well as high quality fiber reeds to release scent into the air evenly. The fresh fragrance doesn’t just smell wonderful, it also boasts authentic aromatherapy properties.

  • Long Lasting Aroma

    ESSLUX home fragrance lasts all day and night for at least 50 days. By changing the number of ratten sticks, you can adjust the intensity and duration of the scent. Or occasionally flip the reeds to refresh the scent.

  • Convenient & Exquisite

    ESSLUX reed diffuser set is easy to use. No flame required like scented candles. The exquisite design of the fragrance diffuser enables it to be a great decoration in the office, sitting room, study room, toilet and so on.

  • After-sale Guarantee

    Your satisfaction is our top priority. For any reason you are not satisfied with our fragrance diffuser or have any suggestions, please let us know and we’ll provide a satisfactory solution.

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